10 Common Skincare Mistakes to Avoid

Knowing how to use a skincare routine correctly is just as important as having the right one. Avoid making these common skincare errors. This is how to apply skincare products correctly.

1. Sticking your fingers into containers of goods

Avoid dipping your fingers into the jar containing your foundation or eye cream. It’s possible that even with clean hands, you’re unintentionally adding oil and bacteria to your creams. Ideally, you should use a scoop, spatula, or clean cotton swab for every application. For hygienic and convenient application, we adore pump action foundations like our Luminous Liquid Foundation SPF 18 or a creamy stick foundation like HD Mineral Foundation Stick.

2. Pulling and rubbing your epidermis

Facial rubbing and pulling cause tension on the skin. Every day, we perform actions without giving them much thought, such as rubbing in eye cream or holding the skin taut around our eyes while applying eyeliner. Over time, rubbing at your skin, particularly the sensitive area around your eyes, causes it to lose its elasticity. Study the proper application technique for eye cream.

3. Not routinely cleaning your phone

Consider how frequently you use your phone each day. If not every day, then at least once a week, wipe down the screen. Choose a phone-friendly option because household cleaners can harm your phone’s screen.

4. Frequently exfoliating

Exfoliating promotes cell turnover, which brings new cells to the surface; however, frequent exfoliation can cause skin irritation. Exfoliate a few times a week to start, and then more if necessary. Once a week, exfoliate the entire body, paying special attention to rough, textured problem areas.

5. Disregarding symptoms of thirst

One of the main signs of dehydration is tight, flaky skin. Start your morning routine with a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid, and at night, try something a little richer, like our Bio-Renew EGF Cream, to help restore your moisture barrier and give dehydrated skin a boost in water content.

6. Not washing your brushes for makeup

Makeup and oil accumulate on your makeup brushes. You can prolong the time between washes by wiping the surface with an alcohol-based cleanser after each use, but make sure to always give it a thorough cleaning! To get rid of gunk and stubborn buildup, wash your brushes with soap and water at least once a week (see our brush cleaning guide). Use a mild cleanser or baby shampoo.

7. Using skincare products out of order

Acquiring optimal results from your skincare routine can be achieved by applying products in the proper order. For example, you wouldn’t want to apply sunscreen first because serums are meant to penetrate the skin while SPF is applied topically. This is the proper sequence for using your skincare products.

8. Not taking off makeup before night

It’s true—you’ve heard it a million times! Makeup left on all night ruins your skin. In addition to settling into fine lines, the product stops your skin from going through its natural repair cycle at night. Even with mineral makeup that is good for your skin, you should still remove the day’s oil, grime, and debris every night.

9. Ignoring SPF

We couldn’t compile a list of skin errors without including sun protection. Unaware of it, you expose yourself to the sun every day when driving, relaxing by a window, or walking the dog. Don’t forget to reapply sunscreen every day to all exposed skin areas.

10. Not using the right products for your type of skin

Is your skin misaligned? Examine your current skincare regimen. Oily skin requires purifying ingredients, while dry skin requires conditioning ones. To choose the ideal lineup for your skincare routine, determine what type of skin you have.

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